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Canberra’s Complete Range of Stunning, Quality Blinds

When it comes to window furnishings, the elegance and practicality of all types of blinds remains a popular choice for our customers. Some people like the simplicity of a roller blind to go with their minimalist décor. Others love the amazing insulation provided by the innovative Honeycomb blind. Whatever you prefer, there’s sure to be a blind for you.

Some of our recent innovations in blinds offer amazing new features. Currently becoming popular are Tilt& Turn windows, which are touted as the best insulating windows. Due to the way they operate, they can be difficult to furnish.

However, at Regency Knights we offer the Perfect Fit solution. Specifically designed for Tilt & Turn windows, this solution includes a streamlined frame that fits perfectly over your Tilt & Turn window, which also houses a blind – your choice of honeycomb blind, pleated blind, or venetian blind, in a range of colours and styles. Contact us today to find out more.

Innovation and Technology

Have you heard about Verishades? Sometimes called the ‘clever curtain’, this blind is made up of alternating layers of blockout material and sheer material. This blind is outstanding in terms of light control, privacy control, and of course it’s gorgeous, modern style.

Verishades also requires no fixing at the bottom, making it a safe and robust option for pets and children – walk right through! Available in manual operation or remote-controlled, the Verishade is one of our most asked-after solutions.

Also new on the scene is easy home automation. Do you like the idea of controlling your blinds with your phone, even when you’re not at home? What about a single button that raises all the blinds in your house at once? These motorisation options and more are quickly becoming a favourite among our customers. Our friendly, knowledgeable team are ready to assist you with any enquiry you have, so contact us today!

A Timeless Solution

Some of our classics include venetian blinds and vertical blinds, cost effective solutions maximising light and privacy control. Roller blinds and roman blinds, on the other hand, provide better insulation while remaining a cleaner, less full look than curtains.

Rollers and romans also come in a huge range of fabrics specifically designed to be made into blinds. These popular fabric ranges are designed with current design trends in mind.

For those customers who really want their blinds to make a statement, ask us about having rollers or romans made using curtain fabrics. This specialised process allows you to choose from our amazing range of curtain materials, giving you a broader range of patterns, colours and fabric types to choose from.

Blinds Timeless Solutions

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