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Looking for the best window shutters in Canberra?

At Regency Knights, we stock the best variety, custom-made shutters to suite your style.
Stunning Plantation Shutters

Visit our Canberra showroom and discover the classic elegance of our shutters

For a most elegant look, made with the finest materials along with the smartest design advice, custom made shutters from Regency Knights will bring a touch of classical elegance to any room and they are also exceptionally practical. As well as providing seriously good insulation, shutters are durable, last for years and are easy to clean and maintain. Shutters are practical all year round and provide much needed visual security and privacy from the outside, protecting you from prying eyes without removing precious light.

Our shutter selection includes basswood, aluminium and our exclusive Ultra 20 plantation shutter, which we believe is the best on the market and sold exclusively in Canberra by Regency Knights. There are a variety of colours, blade sizes, set-ups and installation options.

Uniquely shaped windows? Ask about our specialised shutter shapes!

Triangle, circle, and angled windows can create real statements in your home. But how do you furnish windows that have shapes other than a rectangle? Most blinds simply won’t work. There are a few notable exceptions, and plantation shutters is a major one.

Plantation shutters are built in much the same way as any other wood working project. This means that the dimensions of a plantation shutter are up to the “builder” in question. Although the majority of plantation shutters are rectangular – matching the majority of windows – there is nothing stopping us from making a specialty shape just for your home.

For angled and triangle windows, your shutters can open on hinges towards the longest sides, and the louvres (or blades) can be cut in such a way that you can still tilt them open.

For circle shutters, one option is to have the shutter split in the middle and opening inwards. Or, if you only want to be able to open the blades, you can have a fixed shutter instead. The louvres on circular shutters (or arched shutters!) can be horizontal, like standard shutters, or they can be made in a sunburst pattern for a truly distinctive look.

There are even more options available for how to make your unique windows look amazing with the classic elegance of the plantation shutter.

Contact us or call 02 6147 0469 today to discuss the many options with one of our friendly team members.