Roman blinds

Roman Blinds are incredibly popular in Canberra. They are not only great insulators against heat and cold but will also make your home look amazing. They also allow maximum light in, while offering a full view outside!

Available in a range of colours, textures and patterns, Roman Blinds make a stunning statement in any room. Be bold with bright or textured Roman Blinds, or enjoy a sleek and minimalist look with crisp white Roman Blinds.

Our range of Roman Blinds includes:

  • Decorative Roman Blinds
  • Thermotek Roman Blinds (uses NASA technology to improve energy efficiency)
  • Blockout Roman Blinds (made from blockout fabric to reduce light)

Get your Roman Blinds fitted by one of Canberra’s leading blinds professionals to ensure ease of use, proper protection from the elements, and a long life.

To see our full range of Roman Blinds, please visit the showroom at 60 Wollongong Street in Fyshwick.