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4 Pass Lining for Fantastic Insulation

4 Pass Lining for Fantastic Insulation

45 Years Industry Experience

45 years Industry Experience

3 Year Lining Warranty

3 Year Lining Warranty

UPF 50+ Protection from UV Damage

UPF 50+ Protection from UV Damage

Canberra’s best supplier of gorgeous, high-quality curtains
made just for your home.

Style your home exactly to your taste with our fully customisable curtains, pelmets and sheers.
Custom Made
Designer curtains and accessories

Canberra’s Best Custom-Made Curtains

Looking for high quality curtains, pelmets, sheers and accessories, custom made to suit your home perfectly? Look no further! Regency Knights boasts over 45 years of experience in making gorgeous soft window furnishings to enhance the interiors of our Canberra customers’ homes.

Our excellent range of materials and industry techniques will create amazing drapes that add value and efficiency to your home. We have a huge range of fabric available to suit any style, from big-name fabric houses like Warwick, Gummerson, Wilson Fabrics, Basford Brands, Charles Parsons, James Dunlop, and more.

After blockout curtains to maximise your insulation? We have fabrics that can be crafted together with a separate lining, or fabrics that are already coated. Pair these with our huge range of sheers, from plains to dazzling patterns for added privacy and light control.

Add this to our range of accessories and customisation options, and we can make stunning curtains to match any home. Contact us today for expert advice from one of our team members.


Pelmets are a perfect finish for your curtains, adding to both insultation and style. By enclosing the top of your curtain, pelmets prevent warm air, which collects near the ceiling, from escaping in the winter.

Pelmets can also complement your curtain in either a matching or contrasting fabric, and by concealing the pleating and track, leading to a wonderfully finished look.

Evo Pelmets

Pelmates are an additional option for the EVO track system. The Pelmate is a discreet cover that sits on the top of your EVO track, hidden from view but performing the same work as a traditional pelmet – preventing warm air from being lost through the gap between the track and the wall.

The pelmate allows you to maintain the modern, streamlined look of an EVO track while providing the insulation benefits of a traditional pelmet – without the opulent traditional look.

Swags and Tails

For the most opulent finish to your curtains, why not try swags & tails? The swags & tails finish at the top of your curtain gives you the insulation benefits of a traditional pelmet, but with an even more stunning, grand finish. This approach is fantastic for really making a statement in rooms with stunning décors.

Tie Backs

Tiebacks are used to hold your curtains away from the window when they are open. This allows more natural light to enter your home, as well as providing the classic shape of a drawn curtain.

Why not try tie backs in a contrasting colour or design? Small details like this can really make your window furnishings stand out as uniquely yours.

What is 4 Pass Blockout Lining?

Blockout lining is a separate layer of fabric that is attached to the decorative front-fabric of a curtain. The blockout lining does the insulation, protection and sound-dampening work.

Our standard lining is a 4 Pass lining (unlike most standard 3 Pass linings). The phrase “4 Pass” refers to the two layers of white insulative coating, and the two layers of black titanium coating in the middle. Together these layers work to stop heat transfer into or out of your home, while also providing protection from UV rays and helping to dampen sound.

Due to the beautifully soft drape, our 4 Pass lining also helps to give your curtain a gorgeous, full look while also helping to improve the energy efficiency of your home. There are many other ways we can increase the value of your home with more accessories and techniques, too.

Interested? Contact us today online or call on 02 6147 0469 for friendly, expert advice.

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Our curtains are absolutely beautiful and have made the whole front of our tiny, wonderful home feel even more perfect.
Holly, Latham

Our friendly staff will help you bring your ideas to reality.

Why our curtains are the best in Canberra?

  • 4 Pass Lining engineered for insulation, UV protection and sound-dampening.
  • 3 Year Warranty on our 4 Pass Lining.
  • 45 years of curtain making experience for a professional product.
  • Expert installation to ensure a fully protected window.
  • Huge range of accessories to maximise insulation, light control, privacy and style.
  • Extensive range of fabrics available to satisfy every specific taste.
  • Blockout technology helps you save on heating and cooling.
  • Easy care and maintenance.
  • Cut greenhouse emissions.
  • Reduce noise.
  • Multiple track options to give a range of styles from classic to modern.