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Curtains Canberra

Curtains Canberra

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4 Pass Lining for Fantastic Insulation

4 Pass Lining
for Fantastic Insulation

45 Years Industry Experience

45 years
Industry Experience

3 Year Lining Warranty

3 Years
Lining Warranty

UPF 50+ Protection from UV Damage

UPF 50+ Protection
from UV Damage

Canberra’s best supplier of gorgeous high-quality curtains
made just for your home.

Style your home exactly to your taste with our fully customisable curtains, pelmets and sheers.
Designer curtains and accessories

Canberra’s Best Custom-Made Curtains

Looking for high quality curtains, pelmets, sheers and accessories, custom made to suit your home perfectly? Look no further! Regency Knights boasts over 45 years of experience in making gorgeous soft window furnishings to enhance the interiors of our Canberra customers’ homes.

Our excellent range of materials and industry techniques will create amazing drapes that add value and efficiency to your home. We have a huge range of fabric available to suit any style, from big-name fabric houses like WarwickGummersonWilson FabricsBasford BrandsCharles ParsonsJames Dunlop, and more.

Custom Made Curtain

After blockout curtains to maximise your insulation? We have fabrics that can be crafted together with a separate lining, or fabrics that are already coated. Pair these with our huge range of sheers, from plains to dazzling patterns for added privacy and light control.

Add this to our range of accessories and customisation options, and we can make stunning curtains to match any home. Contact us today for expert advice from one of our team members.

Blockout curtains work extremely well in Canberra as they are excellent insulators for both hot and cold weather.

A sheer curtain allows for soft natural light to come into room and at the same time gives privacy by creating a barrier to people seeing directly into your room.

The Evo curtain and track system gives you a flatter, more modern looking curtain.

Wavefold curtains are a popular window treatment option that can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any room.

We have a large range of fabrics including plains, stripes, florals and modern designs. We carry fabrics from major fabric houses

Introducing Laura Ashley Curtain Fabrics

Regency Knights is proud to showcase the exquisite designs and enduring legacy of Laura Ashley, a name synonymous with grace, sophistication, and refined living. Explore our curated collection of Laura Ashley curtains and bring a touch of Regency charm to your home. From elegant window treatments to exquisite home décor, let Laura Ashley and Regency Knights transform your living space into a sanctuary of timeless beauty.

4.5 Star Ratings from our amazing customers

Rachael Hession
Rachael Hession
We are so very happy with our new double cell honeycomb blinds. They exceeded our expectations and made a huge difference blocking both heat and... light. Alex and the team were very easy to deal with, answered my many questions promptly and the whole process from quote to installation went so smoothly. Highly recommended.read more
Joanne Adams
Joanne Adams
Regency Knights were so professional. Michael who installed my blinds and curtains for three bedrooms upstairs was very efficient and they look... beautiful. I was extremely happy with the service from this company, including the office staff, who were friendly and efficient and always answered the phone promptly. I had a different Canberra company (won't mention names) who installed my blinds and curtains downstairs. Regency Knights were so much better than this other well known Company, and I would definitely go with them again in future. Thankyou Regency Knights!read more
Marian Pearson
Marian Pearson
Michael was so efficient thanks 😊
Organising a new curtain was so easy through Regency Knights and the pricing was very competitive. On installation day, Michael was so quick at... getting it installed and it looks fabulous. Will definitely use Regency Knights again!read more
From quoting to installation of my plantation shutters and honeycomb blind, everything went smoothly. Great communication throughout process and... installation was completed efficiently and professionally. I love my new window furnishings and highly recommend Regency Knights.read more
Terrence Bligh
Terrence Bligh
If you go anywhere else for your awnings and window dressings in Canberra are you a real Ken Behren? Regency Knights are not only the best in town,... but probably the best in the southern hemisphere.read more
Shirl Weber
Shirl Weber
Regency were a great team to deal with, from measure and quote to fitting my awings they were all super helpful and super efficient.I had a... difficult job which didn't phase the team in any way. Michael and Liam went above and beyond to make the windows look great once the awnings were fitted. Regency are a very competitive local company who I would not hesitate to recommend. Thank you Guysread more
The curtains look great and are working well. My mother is satisfied with her new curtains.

What is 4 Pass Blockout Lining?

Blockout lining is a separate layer of fabric that is attached to the decorative front-fabric of a curtains. The blockout lining does the insulation, protection and sound-dampening work.

Our standard lining is a 4 Pass lining (unlike most standard 3 Pass linings). The phrase “4 Pass” refers to the two layers of white insulative coating, and the two layers of black titanium coating in the middle. Together these layers work to stop heat transfer into or out of your home, while also providing protection from UV rays and helping to dampen sound.

Due to the beautifully soft drape, our 4 Pass lining also helps to give your curtains a gorgeous, full look while also helping to improve the energy efficiency of your home. There are many other ways we can increase the value of your home with more accessories and techniques, too.

Interested? Contact us today online or call on 02 6147 0469 for friendly, expert advice.

Window Curtains Canberra
Window Curtains Canberra

Why our curtains are the best in Canberra?

  • 4 Pass Lining engineered for insulation, UV protection and sound-dampening.
  • 3 Year Warranty on our 4 Pass Lining.
  • 45 years of curtains making experience for a professional product.
  • Expert installation to ensure a fully protected window.
  • Huge range of accessories to maximise insulation, light control, privacy and style.
  • Extensive range of fabrics available to satisfy every specific taste.
  • Blockout technology helps you save on heating and cooling.
  • Easy care and maintenance.
  • Cut greenhouse emissions.
  • Reduce noise.
  • Multiple track options to give a range of styles from classic to modern.


Have more questions?

The first thing to understand is that there are no 'right' curtains. What is important to one person may be insignificant to another. For some, the look and feel of the curtain fabric is most important, whilst others are more concerned with the insulation properties of the curtain. What is most beneficial is that you have a conversation with an experienced curtain person, so that they can determine what your particular needs are, and then match your needs with the products that best address your particular requirements.

Before you pick up a tape measure, it is best if you firstly have a detailed look of the window that you are wanting to put a curtain on. You will need to think about where you want to fit the curtain (eg: to the architrave, above the window, to the ceiling). Once you have identified your preference you will need to look again at the window to ensure there are no barriers to fitting the curtain in the place you have chosen. Things like air conditioners (yes, some people are unaware that this could be an issue!), audio speakers, paintings/photos and anything else that encroaches on the area in which you want to have your curtain installed. Many people who want to have their curtains installed to their ceiling often have cornices and they are not aware of the implications of this.

You would also need to consider how wide you would like to make the curtain. When the Curtain & Track are wider than the window, you will have more light & view, with less of your curtain 'stack' blocking the window when the curtain is open.

Finally, when measuring the drop of your curtain, allowances will need to be made for any clearance required at the bottom of the curtain, the type of pleats & hooks you are using and where you want to have the top of your curtain in relation to your track.

Unless you are having regular food fights at your place, dust is the main issue with maintaining clean curtains. One of the most unappreciated benefits of a pelmet is that a lot of the dust generated ends on the the top of your pelmet, as opposed to in your curtain fabric. Either way, the issue is best dealt with by vacuuming your curtains (and tops of pelmets) using the small brush fitting, so your fabric does not get sucked into the machine. To further freshen up your curtains they can be hung on your clothesline outside on a fine and preferably windy day.

If you do happen to get a stain on your curtain, try using a stain remover. It is important that you test the stain remover on an inconspicuous spot on the curtain (the back of the bottom or side hem, for example). You want to make sure the cleaning agent does not bleach the colour from your curtain fabric, before you use it on the front of your curtain.

That depends. It's all about what type of fabric and or lining you are using, the way in which the curtain is made and also about how and where your curtains are installed.
Curtains can be made with 1,2 or even 3 layers. The most important thing is that at least 1 of those layers is a blockout fabric.

The 3 most popular options are:
1) Select an uncoated curtain fabric & have a separate blockout lining attached to the curtain fabric. This allows a softer looking drape, and the lining provides excellent insulation with no light passing through the lining. Having 2 separate layers also assists with insulation.
2) Select a blockout coated fabric which does not require a separate lining. This type of fabric is a bit stiffer than uncoated fabric and so does not usually drape as softly. It will have similar insulation qualities as option 1.
3) If you are really getting serious about insulation you can have option 1 above and add a third layer. This layer is usually bumph and it is placed between the curtain fabric and the blockout lining.

Fitting your curtains to the ceiling, close to the ceiling, or inside a pelmet will greatly improve the insulation performance of your curtains. Regency Knights also offers the Evo Curtain system that has an inbuilt pelmate and a flatter, more modern looking curtain.
Ensuring that your curtain supplier has included allowances for returns on your curtains so that the gap between the curtain and the wall at the ends of your tracks are covered, will also add to the thermal efficiency of your curtains.

Yes, curtains will help maintain your room temperature. See above for best results.
Again, it depends. If you want maximum insulation, then generally they are (subject to above). However, a curtain installed badly, with poor fabric choices and no pelmet, would probably be a worse option for insulation than a well fitted blind that has good quality fabric and is fitted inside a pelmet.
Assuming you have digested all the above, the only thing I can add is that most people want to minimise the amount of light coming into the room. What is a satisfactory level of darkness varies a lot from person to person. Getting a good quality fabric, lining, fitting and pelmet will give you the best result. It is rare that any type of window furnishing will absolutely block every bit of light, however, we have found that by having clear discussions with our customers and making sure that we have managed their expectations well, they are very pleased with the end result.
They can be, however, we strongly recommend against washing or dry cleaning curtains. See point 3 above.

Our friendly staff will help you bring your ideas to reality.


Claim your $250 voucher today! Valid with new orders, for purchases over $1250. Redeemable for 45 days. Standard T’s & C’s apply.

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Curtains Canberra
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Claim your $250 voucher today! Valid with new orders, for purchases over $1250. Redeemable for 45 days. Standard T’s & C’s apply.

$250 Discount Voucher

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