Showroom Canberra Awning

Welcome to the wonderful world of awnings. Boy, are there a lot to choose from. Take a look at some of the awning jobs that we have done for our customers, in and around Canberra, over the last few years. Awnings come in all shapes and sizes, with over 20 different types available. There are various operating systems available and heaps of different fabric types and styles. You can even have them motorised for absolute convenience.

You may get some inspiration from our photos, or not, but either way, we are keen to discuss your particular situation, and to help you find the solution to your external shading needs.

We have provided a wide variety of solutions to our customers over the years, using varied awning applications. From upper story motorised awnings to wide Folding Arm awnings for retractactable shade solutions for outdoor entertainment areas. There have also been lots of windows covered by our awnings, using a variety of different fabrics, to suit the individual requirements of our many customers.

So, even if there is nothing jumping out at you here, please contact us and let us help you find the outcome you are looking for.