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Pros and cons of shutters

Shutters make a timeless addition to any home, and are considered one of the more “elite” window furnishings.

You can picture large homes on undulating estates featuring big windows covered by shutters, which is incidentally how they became known as “plantation shutters”.

Frequently used in houses on expansive plantations (an estate on which crops are grown), shutters were the window covering of choice across Europe and America for hundreds of years. But how do you know if they’re the right choice for you?

To help you make your decision, here are a few of the pros and cons of shutters…

Pro: They’re very sturdy

Window shutters are very solid, consisting of a frame (or panel) with “louvres” (or blades) that move in unison, allowing you to easily adjust the level of light coming into the room.

Unlike other window furnishing options, such as certain vertical blinds, shutters cannot “bend” or “crinkle” and are unlikely to show signs of age for a very long time.

Shutters can also be used outside (i.e.: aluminium shutters) to provide privacy, light filtration, and protection from the elements on a patio, sunroom or private outdoor retreat.

Con: They’re not cheap

With strong, quality design comes cost – and unfortunately plantation shutters are no exception.

Shutters are one of the most expensive forms of window furnishing. However, their addition to a house is generally considered enough to increase the value of the home, which is handy if you ever decide to sell.

Pro: They’re easy to clean

Unlike curtains, roman blinds and the like, shutters are not made of fabric so they are not easily stained.

The gap between the louvres means there is plenty of room to clean or dust. And because they’re very strong, you’re not at risk of bending them out of shape when you do. A dry dust or a clean with a microfiber cloth and furniture polish is all you need to keep them sparkling.

Con: Harder to place furniture in front of the window

To be able to open the window, you need to have plenty of space around the shutter because they open inwards (like a door).

This means you cannot place (for example) a couch directly in front of it because you will force the louvres shut with no way to open them.

If you like to put furniture up against window-covered walls, a better option may be curtains or roman blinds which can be drawn up or to the side.

Pro: Great light filtration

The louvres can be made wider or narrower, depending on the level of light you want to achieve in the room. Once installed, simply move the louvres at various angles to allow for different degrees of light and privacy.

Shutters also facilitate great airflow, while adding extra protection from the elements when closed. You can picture the many American movies showing people closing their shutters right before a storm hits!

Pro: Available in lots of styles

Shutter are timeless, with an array of options and a multitude of colours to suit the style of your home (both internally and externally).

The ACM shutter is a rare Australian made shutter, which can usually be delivered in a shorter turn-around time because it is made locally.

That being said, other versions also offer incredible quality and do not warp, chip, crack, or fade. The Ultra 20 is one of the best shutters on the market, and comes with an unbeatable 20 year guarantee which covers the shutter material and the baked on paint (which we have not seen matched anywhere else).

Regency Knights is the exclusive supplier for Ultra 20 shutters in the ACT and surrounding regions.

If you’re not sure about shutters in your home, give us a call to arrange a free measure and quote. We can walk you through the pros and cons as they apply to your house, and help you work out if shutters are within your budget. We are also happy to compare options with you on the spot, to assist you in making the best decision for your home.

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